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Art of being Happy when alone!


Today I decided to address topic of loneliness because it is seen in negative shade. To remind, human beings are social animal but it does not mean that being alone is curse. We are surrounded by so many people that one hardly gets time to have personal space. However, gradually people have started realizing importance of spending time with self. Though there is mass which believes being alone is very boring, uninteresting and worthless. Well, let me give you profound benefits of spending time with self or tips how to get benefited when alone.

  1. Sit alone for half an hour a day: This is the time when you can think about yourself and things you did and should do. You get time to think about how to be better and better in your day to day life. You get time to analyse yourself and most of the solutions to problems are achieved when you spend time alone. In busy life hardly one gets time for self. At the end of hectic schedule, you naturally feel like having personal space. It is always spending time with self gives relief. One should experience how it feels having tea or coffee alone!

  2. Going for walk alone: Most of the thoughts those are important for life reverberates in brain when you are alone. When you are alone for a walk, you have an opportunity to dive in the beauty of nature and to realize how lucky are you to witness mesmerizing sunrise/sunset. What can be more refreshing than experiencing gentle breeze, beautiful flowers at its best of showering freshness? Walking alone can be a magical experience which can boost stamina and increases your efficiency. Nature is available to us; we should be ready to receive what it has to give!

  3. Take yourself to really nice snacks or dinner: Having your favourite food when alone is like nothing exists in world other than you and your food. Suddenly you restrict periphery of reality and the experience is awesome & beyond thinking capacity. Give special treatment to yourself. And when you are back home after enjoying honour of giving treat to yourself , you are returning with enhanced confidence level.

  4. Make list of what you want to do more: We humans are conveniently satisfying creatures. We are contended when we do not want to stretch ourselves and we are discontented when we see others are achieving more than us! When we make an attempt to prepare a list of what we want to achieve or what we need to do, to achieve maximum as per our capacities, we have to increase efficiency and we need to stretch our self.

  5. Identify your tag line: You have to decide what exactly you need to get on!! Something which will always help you to move ahead, some symbolism or some thought, some quote or some couplet which you can search or you can craft for self. For example “sometimes days are bad and not life, have patience!”

  6. Take your hobbies seriously: Before taking world so seriously, it is very important to take your hobbies seriously! It’s your hobbies which needs your time. It is self motivating and it is as good as giving acknowledgement to self. Fulfilling hobbies and working on it giving medium towards discovering self.

  7. Make home your favorite spot: Re arrange home or your room and convert it in your favorite spot. Put lovable and dear things around you. Surround yourself with memories to cherish your life. Keep yourself surrounded by colors which can make your mood. Keep your trophies and achievements around you. Keep your memorable toys around you. Anything which can make you realize that life is special should be kept around you. Rearrange articles in house or re arrange furniture to come out of routinism.

There is much more about yourself, you need to discover!


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