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Here comes “Momo Challenge” After “Blue Whale” !


Internet games continues to have demonic effects on children, there is yet another challenge observed to trap children in its loop after Blue Whale. This viral game gained attention after 12 years old girl found dead in her backyard in Argentina. India is also not spared from effects of this game. A girl from 10th class is known to have committed suicide by hanging- incident in Ajmer-local police report. Family members of victim have demanded investigation for involvement of online game for death. Her friend’s brother shared about victim’s excitement for reaching higher level in game. Also report says that she slit her hand before hanging.

Lets us know what is “ Momo Challenge ”?

This challenge started on facebook where a person is asked to talk to a stranger on unknown number on whats app. This is followed by demand of series of challenges to be fulfilled in order to meet Momo as a reward. If anyone refuses to complete challenge it threatens by sending violent images , scary pictures or curse victims. Momo is a character  that looks like a monster with eyes popped out and wide open mouth. Portrait is combination of a bird and a doll. According to cyber experts the challenge is aimed at stealing personal data and extracting details. Larger numbers of victims are found in Russia, America, France, Mexico and few in India. It is dangerous as it spreads through whats app “WhatsApp cares deeply about the safety of our users,” a WhatsApp spokesperson said, in a statement about “Momo” emailed to Fox News earlier this month. “It’s easy to block any phone number and we encourage users to report problematic messages to us so we can take action” according to

What Parents can do?

Close observation on children when they use mobile. Parents should do this without being too controlling, controlling activities of child creates frustration and distance them from parents.

When a child is seen spending most of the free time in playing games on mobile then parents needs promote child to play outdoor games.

Transparent and open talks are mandatory part of parenting. Parents show learn skills to have conversation with child which can allow them to see inner world of child.

Parents themselves should stop playing games on mobile which will dramatically result in fall of interest of a child to do so.

Preventing such treacherous entities to have access in social environment is collective responsibility. If anyone you know is having any of the above problems, extend your hand to help and share insights. If you are a teenager, take care of your fellow friends and prevent them from getting addicted to mobile games and such violent challenges. Contact parents, teachers or councillor of problems appears difficult to deal.


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