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No Good At Work ? Try this !

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

It is so obvious to have bad day at work but obviously it should not make a whole week bad, isn’t it ? 

one cannot control environment at work nor people and there should be fair amount of assimilation of this fact. Issue is not about having setbacks but inability to move on from what has happened. Remaining stuck at what happened spoils following days. what matters in dealing with disturbing days is lack of coping skills. Apart from work what equally matters is relation with colleagues. Not everyone can be completely supportive but it is always good not to have people who are against you. 

No one can function completely on his own. Handful of people are always needed to meet ends. Perhaps better to be generous,open, less demanding and more giving  will earn work and faith of people at work. 

Feeling secure about who you are will always allow you to enjoy your own space. Good hold on coping skills always act as lubricant in all types of friction. let’s focus more on how to cope rather than problems. Look above and start Coping well. 


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