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Injured? Get Fast Recovery by Homeopathic Remedies.

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Homeopathic remedies for various types of injuries:

Arnica Montana: It suits particularly injuries to soft parts, such as accompany fractures, dislocations, bruises and ecchymoses. Prevent puerperal fever when given before and after delivery. It has a great power of delaying and preventing suppuration, and it is of special use after operations about the eyes, more particularly after cataract operations. In concussion of the brain or spinal cord, in wrenches and haemorrhages from injuries it is our most useful remedy. It should also be given after fractures where the limbs start continually, as it corresponds to the sensitiveness. It is pyaemic prophylactic.

Bellis perennis : sprain and contusions. Railway spine.

Calendula officinalis : This remedy corresponds to ragged wounds with or without loss of substance, accompanied with soreness and pain. It reduces the inflammation and promotes healthy granulations. There is no better remedy for lacerated wounds.

Rhus tox: Especially to injuries of the ligaments; it is probably our best remedy in sprains due to over-exertion. Sprains of single muscles or groups of muscles, from lifting weights, stretching arms up high to reach things call for Rhus. “A sprained joint will recover sooner if given a moderate degree of motion.”

Conium Maculatum : Injuries and bruises of glands, especially of the mammary glands. Injuries of the eye.

Hypericum perforatum : In injuries to nerves and parts rich in nerves, as the ends of the fingers and toes, or in open wounds that are exceedingly painful, it is eminently suited. Great nervous depression and loss of blood from lacerated wounds. A very useful remedy in injuries to the coccyx during labor. Ascending neuritis after a fracture or any form of traumatic neuritis.

Ledam Palustre : Punctured wounds, also wounds of parts where the cellular tissue is wanting. It has proved useful in mosquito bites, bites of insects and stings. Thus Arnica for contused wounds, Hypericum and Calendula for lacerated wounds, and Staphisagria for incised wounds, while Ledum is most useful for the punctured variety, as from nails, awls, etc. It has proved useful in severe felons caused by a prick of a needle, and in bites of small animals as rats.

Ruta Graveolens : Old sprains, bruised pains in bones, joints and cartilages, bruised feeling. One of the best remedies both locally an internally in sprains of the ankles and wrists. It is to tendons, bursae and joints what Arnica is to muscles and soft parts. Inflamed ganglia on wrist, strains of tendons with weakness, loss of motion, and aggravation by change of weather, and by damp weather are additional indications.

Symphytum Officinale : Injuries to bone, such as bruises of bones or fractures indicate this remedy. It greatly favors the formation of callus, and always allays the irritability often found at the point of fracture preventing the knitting of the bones. It is also useful in irritable stump after amputation. Periosteal pains. Injuries of the globe of eye from snowballs.

Injuries from blunt articles thrust into eye. Traumatic injuries to bone and periosteum about orbit call for Symphytum.

Staphysagria : This remedy suits clean cut wounds and symptoms traceable to surgical operations, especially about the abdomen when colic is a troublesome condition following. Also after lithotomy, wounds from glass, etc., where the pains are excruciating, rending and tearing causing great agony. It is an excellent remedy to use following operations for lacerated cervix.

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