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Want to know which type of intelligence rules you?

Updated: Mar 23, 2020


Dr Robert Sternberg says intelligence revolves around three main aspects of mental abilities- creative, practical and analytical. 

He has given significant contributions in field of psychology:

  1. Triarchic Theory of Human Intelligence 

  2. Several influential theories related to creativity, wisdom, thinking styles, love and hate

  3. Author of several books, articles and researches.

. Analytical intelligence – It is an ability of logical reasoning, finding reasons and rational meaning about any event, phenomenon or a subject. It also includes abstract thinking. It also includes mathematical and verbal skills. It is mainly concerned with analysis, evaluation, critique, compare/contrast, assessments etc.

Creative intelligenceIt is an ability to deal with new situations. It includes discovering, inventing, imaginations, predicting.

Practical intelligenceAbility to apply knowledge to real world. It is also an ability to shape ones environment or to construct it. Mainly concerned with application, implementing, using, putting in action and materializing things.  

So now you know which type of intelligence rules you and your actions. This also gives us a gentle reminder that grades and marks are not the parameter for measuring intelligence. 


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