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Short story: They Still Love Tickets !


Alex exclaimed “Oh, Department meeting without me!  He joyfully stepped in and said   Ahh you all … Is it a secret meeting? or is it about me?? Huge smile on his face made him looked cheerful and said should I remain or move out…again took a step back. There was a voice in sync – Alex come on! Please join in, it is an unplanned meeting about celebrations.

Marina: Hey Alex how excited are you?

Alex: For what?

Graduation Party of course! she said;

Alex: NO, not at all, not until the day before graduation.

Marina: Oh, I am so excited and nervous, I think I might fall from stage. I have fear of appearing on big screen.

Dean could not help , immediately said: Nothing to get petrified about it ,instead it is co cool !

Marina: Not at all, at least not for me. She said well, “My dad is even more excited about it and he has planned party at home. He is going to arrange Party dresses for my friends and we are going for shopping today. He is just out of his mind nowadays and today he is going to be out of his pocket and she laughed out loud.

Room was full of laughter, the boy at information desk came in to check is everything ok!!

Dean: wow! Time flies, it will be a delight to see you all with your parents.

How about your parents Alex: Are they going to come?

Alex: with smile on his face, “Ah they will if I send them tickets, they still love the tickets!”

Everyone looked at Alex with warmth and perceived pain behind his smile.

Five people in a room where two of them having antagonist life situation. One has excitement all over and overwhelming happiness and other trying to spend each day living in present moment and with complete acceptance, It is what it is!!

It takes lot of strength and whole lot of human to digest  pain and keep smiling. Alex was doing same. He had no complaints about his parents not having as much money or excitement like Marina’s Dad.

Everyone dispersed but Dean did needful and Alex had huge surprise of having presence of his family on Graduation Day.

Marina partied a lot and also fell from stage which she was sure about and Alex was excited from a day before Graduation and had his family which he was hopeful about.

“Thoughts are powerful tool for transforming desires in to reality “

Ruminations distracts and pulls us down. Hope-fullness and right attitude can clear obstacles no matter what!

Pain brings strength along,to bear it. One can make out of pain or break out of pain – there is a choice.

One can give up or take it up.



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