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Want to be Mentally healthy ?

Updated: Mar 23, 2020


Peace is most precious and rare in today’s world. Only if we are ready to bring certain change in behavior and thinking, we can get much closer to mental peace which we talk about.

Time is most precious and always short, so i am conveying directly what is much needed today on “Mental Health day”

  1. Spend maximum time thinking about improving yourself

  2. Cultivate habit of moving away when people discuss about others

  3. Never put your energy where there is no scope of fruitful outcome

  4. Finding time for relaxation is as important as bathing (bathing is cleaning your body, relaxation is cleaning mind )

  5. Take care of what you feed your mind with, as much as you take care of what you feed your stomach.

  6. Introspect everyday – what you spoke, behaved and thought

  7. Learn to be happy for what you do and not when others appreciate you.

  8. Read or see something which can make you smile

  9. Be kind

  10. Help other- you will definitely feel happy and contended with yourself.

Apply in your routine and see the change!


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