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Can thinking change our life ?

Updated: Mar 23, 2020


Can thinking change our life

Do we really believe thinking can change life? We will say yes, I have read in books!

But fact is very less amongst us have experienced it.

Some of us are trying to think positive and perhaps waiting for the change to come in life. Isn’t it?

It is said that think what you want and as per law of attraction you will get it. But thinking is never enough!  Actions followed by thinking are exceptionally important.

When we are asked to think to bring change in our life, we will always think about outcome or result which we yearn for. Scarcely have we thought of actions required to get desired outcome. We want to bring change in our life by not bringing change in pattern of our thinking. Invariably salient feature about thoughts is to bring change in pattern of thinking and not only to sit at window and harness fruitless desires or day dreaming. Most of us know what we want from life but most importantly we miss to focus thoughts on how to achieve that and what steps are required to achieve what we desire for.

In nutshell when we want something, we have to think about what steps are we going to follow to achieve desired outcome.

Destination is never reached unless you leave home for journey.

Success is a journey, not a destination.

And the only impossible journey is when you never begin.

And never begin always occurs when we don’t know how to begin. So for achieving what we want, we have to start taking correct actions and start making efforts.


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