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Can you imagine living in Coffin? People do in Hong Kong ! Psychological View point the social situa


We admire Hong Kong for skyscraper –filled skyline, world’s biggest financial Hub. Behind this luxurious attire of the city there lies tens of thousands of people who don’t have enough space to live, who don’t have enough space in their home to lie down comfortably with legs stretched. People fight for social injustice and humiliation that most of the domestic workers are treated no more than animals, given rotten food to eat, bacteria –ridden meat and vegetables studded with fungus. For detailed knowledge of the breath holding difficulties of people in Hong Kong , attempt to read article of asiaxpact social injustice dated 29th July 2017

People live in 15 square foot homes known as “coffin cubicles”. With rising population of nearly 7.5 million and no developing land remaining, Hong Kong market has risen out of reach of common man. These coffin cubicles are cage homes. People cook and sleep at one place and kitchens and toilets merge. (Life inside Hong Kong’s ‘Coffin Cubicles’-

Psychological View point on the social scenario of Hong Kong:         

Mental state of people staying in such environment is full of Humiliation and at its peak of human indignity. This develops the strong belief system of victimized feeling and perhaps generating Hostility towards the ruling parties. The seeds of insecurity go deep in the psyche of people and its repercussion on the coming generation is undoubtedly the matter of highest concern. In response to such painful emotional state of people there generates anger, hostility and desire for revenge. And that is exactly the phenomenon happening where there is huge protest going on by youth of Hong Kong. Recent BBC news on April 2017 – Have Hong Kong’s  Youth lost hope in future ? – According to one study, Hong Kong’s young people are the unhappiest they have been in a decade – and the least likely, of all age groups, to agree with the statement “life is really worth living”.

Other surveys find that 60% of those aged 18-29 want to emigrate, and 80% are unhappy with the political situation.

If Hong Kong’s youth appear particularly unhappy, it might be because of the territory’s unusual situation. It’s technically one of the richest territories in Asia, but also has one of the worst wealth gaps.

Thus ever increasing and unresolved ongoing conflicts of injustice and humiliation will only mount frustration and kills moral well being of the people every day. Huge impact on the psyche generates resentment and retaliatory behaviour. When environment is hostile and socially unhealthy it affects mental health. Such individuals are more prone to various psychiatric disorders like depression, anxiety, dissociation, drug abuse and anti – social behaviours.

The study on Hong Kong’s mental health published in article “ Hong Kong ’s mental health crises in The diplomat says , Dr. Phyllis Chan Kwok-ling,  co-vice president of the Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists states that the city desperately needs man power in field of psychiatry .  The Hong Kong Mental Morbidity Survey shows that one in six of the city’s residents has a common mental disorder, like anxiety or depression, either now or will in his or her lifetime. The survey, released in 2014, was the last major territory-wide assessment of Hong Kong’s mental health. In one of the survey in 2014, 50% of the respondents felt poor mental health. Twenty-five percent reported levels of stress and anxiety—250 times the global average—and 60 percent reported job stress. And in a survey of students that same year, also carried out by the MHA (Mental Health Association of Hong Kong) , 10 percent polled had thought about suicide at least once. The scenario appears more traumatic where june 2016 survey says that there are only 443 registered clinical psychologist in Hong Kong Psychological Society. Thus the whole responsibility falls on shoulders of Government for accurate , effective and timely measures for people in crises.

Measures to overcome crises:

  1. Hong Kong needs to encourage Comprehensive mental health policy

  2. There is a needs of Psychosocial rehabilitation

  3. Increased Awareness about mental health as a need of time

  4. Destigmatisation

  5. Easy assesebility of NGOs and Government Health care professionals


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