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Changing shoes make you a rational thinker?


I am genuinely serious about the title but changing shoes is putting youself in someone else’s situation and thereby viewing the scenario!

You always have your own opinion about looking at things which is based on your experiences since years. But the most pathetic part is once in your life because of some weak state of mind, you might have perceived some situation in wrong way and you formed some belief. And that belief was never questioned nor tested. And you always kept on looking with that perspective which made your belief stronger and stronger ever.

All those thoughts that come immediately in our mind are totally based on our belief systems. The way we form beliefs for other, we form beliefs for ourselves too.

We are so fixed with those beliefs that it has kept us away from looking beyond a particular possibility. But for a scenario or any problem or for any person there lies more than one possibility to view. So when we are not able to think rationally there are three main reason for that which are as follows:

  1. Social concern

  2. Perfectionism

  3. over thinking

Social concerns: Main concern is “what others will think of me” – whenever you want to attend or do not want to attend something, you always think “what others will think of me”. So now let us take an example that you are delivering some speech or you have guest to arrive and you are preparing some snacks. Let us assume that in first situation  you made some error in pronunciation and in second situation  guests did not eat food as much as you expected. Very first thought that comes in mind is people will think that i am not good speaker or they will look down on me or will laugh at me or will talk at my back for my mistake. Now Change the shoes- you portray yourself as an audience and your speaker made mistake in pronunciation, how many times you laughed or made talk of town?  Rather it is human to make such mistake, people listened to you with patience is itself and evidence of good performance. Similarly portray yourself as guest and imagine how much you eat when you visit someone else house, possibly guests might have to visit other houses too! So changing shoes makes you more realistic thinker

Perfectionism: we all want to reach at epitome of perfection and so we avoid many things as we feel we will not be able to do it perfectly. Many times we fear that we will make mistake and hence we don’t want to move ahead with that task. We miss opportunities due to fear of committing mistake and perfectionism. Lets us assume that you got some opportunity at work which is completely new experience. And you expect that you will commit some error so you refuse. Provided that was taken up by someone else and that person too committed some mistakes but he completed the task. So some errors are just part of work which is bound to occur. Now when you see colleague who did that task, you will obviously not see his mistake but the positive side that he did work. Same would have been with you. Changing shoes helps!

Over thinking: Believe it or not we think more than what is required. Imagine at gathering a person did not greet you passing by who usually greet you and there were many others who met you and exchanged words but what remains in your mind is that one person who did not greet you. More so you will not remember that usually he greets you whenever you meet but for one day he did not and you start thinking that something must have been wrong or he do not like me anymore or he was just doing formality usually hence he did not greet today. Now change your shoes – take role of that person, who just arrived and was he was trying to attend as much as people as he could, in that process he failed to notice you! Must have occurred with you too , where you might have failed to notice someone and the person might have come to meet you and might have said you did not notice me i was right there when you met others.

So, always change shoes!

It makes sense!


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