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COVID_19 Healthy Mind Tip No:02

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Here comes tip no -2 to deal well with Corona lockdown. By now you all must have passed through a phase of being relaxed, feeling better with slow life, helping in domestic chores, bored of not going out, tired of work from home and occasional tiffs with family as well!

Instead of constantly being around your family members – everyone needs to find time to be with themselves.

So tip number -2 for lockdown is finding “ME TIME”.

“ME TIME” is time spent with self and time to organize yourself. It is time to align and talk to yourself.

“ME TIME” is the time where you need to ask yourself about how have you been? what is it that you need for self-care?

If you can take care of yourself, you will be better able to take care of others.

“ME TIME” is

the time to cleanse your mind – by relaxation/Meditation

time to give healthy feed to your mind –by Reading

time to cherish your moments – talk to a friend /look at old photographs .

It means Tip No -2 is to do something where you are alone and trying to entertain yourself or taking care of yourself.

Now, I know you might have thought of it but could not implement it. So I tell you why?

You did not tell your brain time to do it.

However, after reading this decide a time for eg., I would spend time with myself listening to my favorite songs at 5 Pm while having tea by myself.

Hoping ME TIME to work MAGIC for you and will help you to be yours “truly!”!

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