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COVID_19 Healthy Mind Tip Number 01

I want to be with you all in this difficult time and as rightly said

Together we shall overcome !

We need to be emotionally healthy to overcome this battle against Corona Pandemic.

Current scenario of increasing number of positive cases have allowed fear and insecurity to enter in minds of many.

One thing that will help you to fight against this fear is DISCIPLINE:

I know you are surprised that how can discipline be of any help in this global crises.

Let me explain:

1) Discipline means to have scheduled time of waking up and going to bed

2) Discipline is doing physical exercise for 30 min everyday at fixed time ( ) decide it for yourself now please!

3) Discipline is to restrict your time of watching news updates

4) Discipline is to get ready at regular time and not being in pajamas for whole day

5) Discipline is to work from home at office hours.

6) Discipline is to do one additional hobby work -read 5 ( ) pages everyday of a book lying unread in your library 📚, making one ( ) painting 🖼 in a week , cook one ( ) dish / cook for one ( ) day in a week. Decide your number in a given bracket.

7) Discipline is to make a promise for not spreading any negative, unconfined news just for the sake of it on phone or any social media

8) Discipline is to be nice to a family member and being a helping hand where domestic chores have increased

9) Discipline is follow all instructions for precautions- social distancing , washing every commodity purchased with soap water, regular use of sanitizer, do not move out without mask 😷.

10) Discipline is to be committed to follow all what is said above and promise yourself at this moment to follow all of them.

Dr Mansi Surati

MD HOM ( Psychiatry)

Certified Cognitive Behavior Therapist

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