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Healthy Mind is Healthy Life not mere healthy body!


Life is worth when you know how to live.

Life is not about how old are you but how you became old.

People try to measure age but counting grey hairs, worth it when it graceful ageing!

How you grow in life is totally dependent on what you feed to your mind. Feeding your mind carefully is as critical as you are in feeding your stomach.

Believe it or not it is always a mind that crafts your life.

You need to have healthy mind to learn healthy lessons in life. Life will never stop giving you variety of experiences, and what you allow to enter in your mind is totally dependent on you.

Mind has an exclusive ability to multiply thoughts automatically, so we should be wise to feed it with positive and meaningful things so that it can multiply.  But to see positive side of everything is way more difficult than what it appears to be.

How to keep mind healthy:-

Don’t be dependent on anyone: Take charge of your all your actions. Do everything that is possible by you. Find ways on your own. There will always be a time when you will feel you are alone, so prepare yourself for that phase as best you can. Find your own principles for life. Be true to yourself. Your soul knows better what is best for you, so trust your intentions by not getting influenced by people around. Then whatever the outcome will be, was the thing you needed to learn at that stage of your life.

Find taste of your mind:  Try to keep yourself happy, find out things which can make you feel happier. Take your mind to place where there is good energy. Your mind works at the level of vibrations and energy; if you are not feeding your mind with healthy environment it will definitely fall ill. Surround yourself with people who can understand this.

Understand meaning of life dynamic level: It is very difficult; there will be ups and downs on this path. Distractions are going to come but when one tries to find meaning for every incidences /events some deeper understanding about yourself or life is achieved.

Expectations are an antigen for mind: It is very natural to expect from people especially who you believe are your friends, family or beyond. No one can escape from this. Relations are always about give and take. There is always a temptation to multiply sweetness of your relations. Many times you go out of your way just for the sake of getting positive response from a person. In turn you tend to expect same. If that is mutual it is fine.  But when it stops from either side, it brings hell out of you. Suddenly all the sweetness turns in to bitterness. So learn to be happy in whatever you give in a relation without keeping your happiness dependent on responses and behaviour of people.

Keep doing selfless act: It is mind Tonic. Indulge yourself in some act where you serve without any personal gain that will be a source of your energy which you need to have to drive and thrive in life. Always try to become better person day by day and that will be a key for healthy life. When you will reflect back you will discover that you have been self centered many times and hence you were or you are upset with outcomes. Try to behave beyond self, you will not suffer definitely. Doing this you earn handful of people with huge heart and full of life.

Healthy life is totally dependent on how are you training your mind since years!


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