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Homoeopathy helps to reduce stress!

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

If you turn it around, it is not wrong to say that life is made up of all what I mentioned above. If we live in stress with everything around us it means stress is another name of life for us!

It essentially depends on individual what brings stress to him. For someone, dealing with people may be stress and for other dealing with work! An individual has to be consciously aware what is troubling him the most.

How do you recognize you are stressed?

  1. When you are not comfortable in any situation

  2. When some unexpected thing suddenly comes up in your life

  3. When you are in new environment/place

  4. When you are learning new skills

  5. When you face any challenging situation

  6. Or any slightest change in your life style (at work, home, society) which you are accustomed to tends to bring stress.

No doubt, most of us try to deal with these stressful situations in our own smart and efficient ways. But believe it or not stress has not spared anyone from its harmful spell. Stress has affected health and is responsible factor for most of the illness nowadays and it is now that science has appreciated that most of the illness are psychosomatic in nature (illness those occurs due to stress/ psychic causes and having impact on body). Some of the most common psychosomatic disease mankind suffers from are hypertension, diabetes mellitus, skin diseases especially psoriases and eczema, hyperacidity, peptic ulcers, oral ulcers, Asthma, Migraine, Tension headache, obesity/ emotional eating and many more.

Homoeopathy not only offer treatment for all types of psychosomatic illnesses but offers treatment to address the root cause of all illness “the stress” too.

It is said “Prevention is better than cure”

It is wise to seek help of safe homoeopathic treatment when you find yourself unable to deal with stress efficiently.

How to know you need medical attention?

  1. When you feel stressful most of the time or most of the days in month

  2. When you find uncomfortable mostly

  3. When everyday stress is having effect on your work efficiency

  4. When you find difficult to function your daily routine smoothly

  5. When you find lack of energy most of the time

  6. When your sleep is disturbed most of the time

  7. Repeatedly falling sick will any illness

  8. Any of the stressful situation makes you incapable to perform your role efficiently or you fail to face the situation

If you face these problems homoeopathy can make wonders which you might not have imagined in wildest of your thought!

How Homoeopathy helps to reduce stress?

When you approach any homoeopathic physician with your problems of inability to cope up with stress, homoeopath will enquire about your sufferings in details since the time it has started affecting you. Also when sufferings are at peak and when at baseline. In homoeopathy they are known as aggravating and ameliorating factors. They keep record of some of your physiological functions and habits along with your likes and dislikes. Details of your major life events and how have you coped with stresses so far will be of utmost importance for a homoeopath to understand you as an individual. Considering all the data he arrives to the most smilimum medicine exclusively for you. The medicine prescribed to you may not be applicable for someone else suffering from same problem, as it is the unique feature of homoeopathic science which is based on concept of individuality,  no two individuals are alike and hence no two sufferings are alike inspite  sufferings are from same illness.

After taking homoeopathic medicine you will find following changes in yourself

  1. You will be able to strike balance between stress and yourself

  2. Your work output will become better as medicine will take care of your tiredness /exhaustion and will increase your efficiency

  3. It will increase your mental capabilities and will make you prepared for challenges

  4. It will boost your immune system and thereby it will provide stamina to sustain and prevent you from repeatedly falling sick

  5. It will make you aware about yourself more clearly and thereby it will improvise your sense of judgement

  6. Overall it will help you become more efficient and healthier individual

Perhaps, Homoeopathy not only heals disease but heals individual himself!

Homeopathy not only treats individual but heals him in holistic manner!

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