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Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Being peaceful with self is equivalent to “being patient”. Impulsive thinking, impulsive actions and immediate judgement giving rise to biased feelings becomes an automatic phenomenon for mind very easily. Mind can learn very quickly and even quicker it is to get habituated to repeat whatsoever is being fed on daily basis.

It is quite obvious now to understand that finding peace with self lies in taking small steps to be more patient and more sensible.

When we want to reach at 10th floor, we push button for lift and wait for the lift to come. we have options to be restless but still keep waiting or climb the stairs. Needless to say, cursing lift, management or fate is not going to make any difference in situation. Getting restless, impatient, irritated and going out of control amplifies the underlying and on going phenomenon of disturbance due to many other reasons.

While waiting for lift to come, one can continue sending mail, type texts, read articles, put up plans, set up meeting and much more. Others options comes to mind when there is patience, immediate reaction always affects intelligence and give rise to regrets later.  

Lets see how to cultivate patience and there by moving towards more peaceful self :

  1. Have a peaceful morning – avoid feeding your mind with news and social media posts. Keep it one step down. Opening eyes and searching phone besides pillow is habit that is formed. As soon as one starts seeing posts, mails or messages- mind will start thinking of improper, incomplete or inappropriate behavior of others or self or an incomplete work of yesterday. That immediately provokes stress. Such mornings cannot bring energy required for whole day. This means people have trained mind to tempt towards cell phone and get accustomed to same type of mornings with low energy.

        Instead wake up, sit with eyes closed, remember almighty, think about yourself and I guarantee          you will end up thinking one good thing about yourself or others that made you feel good. This            is the natural setting with which mind is trained normally. Mobile phones, news and feeds                    interrupts this basic setting of nature and have deviated it to greater extent.

  1. Relaxation/ meditation – I started meditation 4 years ago and I had amazing year as far as career, work and accomplishments are concerned. Gradually due to lack of consistency I stopped doing it. That surfaced all the emotions which were disturbing and dragging me towards lower energy level. As soon as I realized I need to get back to my original peaceful state which increase my competency in dealing daily life chores , I started cultivating habit of meditating whenever I remember of it. And gradually I has now become my habit to meditate in morning and before going to bed. It has reduced the restlessness, impatience and have brought sense of belonging to myself. In total it has brought me back to my self and my potential. So meditation helps you to be close to your original self.

         And to do it consistently, give promise to yourself that unless you do it for a month consistently,           you won’t advice it to anyone. People advice without following it. So, let your mind learn lesson           what it needs to do before delivering an advice  and that will make it realize the value of words             and value of efforts. Then a well begun day will surely help you to deal with daily chores with               more competency and interest.

  1. Focus on self – your satisfaction depends on how good you were at work, family or with people. Observing how others are performing is waste of time. You can only learn by doing. Do your work with passion, deliver your best and if you will enjoy what you do , you have undoubtedly succeeded. But when you do work expecting appreciation, expecting response from people , let me tell you before beginning your work you have already lost yourself , your essence and your passion by focusing on others. So focus on self will help you to be in alignment with yourself and that will bring you closer to peace with yourself.

  2. One selfless act- Cultivate habit of doing one selfless act daily. Help someone, harbor an intention you will surely get an opportunity to do so on daily basis. Making someone smile, lifting someone’s mood, giving lift, helping someone cross road, helping in assignment, sharing food, helping homeless, volunteering, donating food, giving support to others in tough time etc etc.. nothing can be more satisfying that being selfless. You will love yourself more, when you behave selfless. Make it a habit and there by the virtue, you enjoy yourself for sure.

  3. Stop criticizing – moment you criticize others you tend to lose positivism. Criticizing naturally develops unrest, irritability towards someone and builds same chain of thoughts ahead. Later subject keeps changing but criticizing continues. When someone has been really unfair to you, share it with closed ones and forget it. Let the boiled emotions vent out, forgive the person and learn your lesson.

These are very fundamental but much vital concepts. Once you begin executing this, you will find further course of your pathway towards peaceful self on your own. What it requires is consistency and becoming better every day. This is the triggered start needed for the race later things starts falling at its place of its own. All it requires it just one month of commitment for getting closer to peace with self.

Waiting for your responses and excited to see you more peaceful with yourself.


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