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Inner Strength – How to maintain and Red Alerts of losing it


This topic has come to me in very special way today as I am learning all what i have described here. Sometimes nature sets you to sit and think do you have strength?

From where does it come?

What is the source of your strength? –  Your aim, your experiences, your desires or people?

Strength is something which gets you going, strength is something from which you overcome your weakness, it is the energy which gives you power to fight against circumstances.

When you discover that strength, you realize that circumstances are tests and nothing more than that. And tests can always teach lessons. Curriculum in schools always have tests as an integral part of academic training , tests are always difficult to appear and creates stress but we are always aware that we are going to face that and we appear in it every time. Every experience with tests teaches some lessons.

Similarly, “Difficulties will be there, circumstances will check patience, situations are going to be difficult, just that its form and intensity may keep on changing”.

This is truth of human life, once when you make enough learning from difficulties, each time you gain strength. It is said you are always strong than what you think you are.

To understand this you can remember any stage of your life that might have been extremely difficult, but you have faced and you are out of it. That experience you can never forget but you would have definitely found some meaning or purpose from that.

Having said strength I am indirectly trying to address faith and trust in oneself. One gets disheartened because you are always impatient to convert any unexpected situation according to what you have in mind or what you have thought of. There are no instant recipes for fulfilling desires. This has to get etched in our minds. Mind has tendency to get lost in fantasies and it will create an illusions preventing touch with reality. Reality is that life is never a smooth road. You need to learn skills to drive skilfully. If you have within, you will reach destination no matter what. If not now, than later! Problem is, we can have faith and trust till it goes according to our wish and desired results at desired time. Problem is pre mature conclusions and interpretations which changes our thoughts and are potential enough to distract us. Distractions bring nothing but end of one illusion and getting trapped in another. If faith persists, it brings patience to withstand in whatever circumstance you are. When you lose faith, one can never have patience. Being impatient is one of the biggest sign of a panic. Panic is indication where mind sets you on your nerves.

To face difficult circumstances you should have following points in front of your eyes and circulating in your mind:

  1. Have Faith – it is weapon. ( you can have faith in god, self, any person, religion. Karma etc)

  2. Have Patience – you will definitely get what you want, or else you will learn something very crucial which otherwise was not possible.

  3. Remember reality of life- difficulty is your test; try to appear at your best. You will remain satisfied about your effort at the end.

Red signs of losing strengths:

  1. Change in Direction – whatever your ambitions or desire is, you always have to check – whether you are moving in the direction of your wish.The day you find your actions are not supportive of your desires, you will never get results. None of your aims will be fulfilled. If your aim is to live peaceful life, actions must be harmonious, if harmony is not possible, at least learn ways to remain away from quarrels. For achieving that if you need to keep quiet, you will have to learn that.

  2. Inability to learn – For any desire to be fulfilled there is a journey. Before journey there is a wish to fulfil desire. Wish can drive us and can motivate us but journey has integral ups and downs which are always there to teach you something to make you more and more competent or more sensible. Those ups and downs are opportunities to better understand self, situations, your desires, purpose and what you want to collect in life. (Collect memories, handful of trustworthy people, blessings, integrity etc). There is always a desire when you begin but perspective and purpose may undergo change. When learning is not derived from your experiences you fail to grow. And not growing is suggestive of losing faith in self because when one give up on oneself, one ceases to learn.

Tit bits to maintain strength:

  1. Believe someone on whom you have faith – when you lose your own strength, you lose faith in your self. So have faith in someone else whom you trust. When your own mind does not help you, follow what someone has to give you. Can be your ideal or any person, can be a book too.

  2. Never give up – try whatever possible. Make best of your efforts. It will always help to better understand whatever outcome it will be.

  3. Do not try to control – Let it happen in its own way. Trying to control any condition will lead to a burden of moving any situation in the direction you want. Forcefully pulling things in desired direction which is against the flow can create damage. Allowing it to flow in its own pace will require least engagement in matter. Once nature ends its spell, it will give rise to some understanding which will help you to better understand the events.

  4. Only remember what you want– forget all other operating forces, just remember what you want. Sometimes you have to tough really to do what is needed. You have to do something which you might not have thought you would be doing. After your entire wish matters to you more than anything else that happens in the journey.

  5. Create your own symbols – connect yourself with some words which can bring smile to you, which can bring you close to what your desires/ wishes are. Connect to some pictures which can only remind you about your most intense feeling when you started your journey; connect with some object which reminds who you are and your purpose. These will generate faith as it is collection of those memories when time was as per your wish, periods of ups. That will motivate you to have patience and make learning wherever you are.

To get your strength back if at all you have lost- open your heart out wherever possible and keep your mind open to receive whatever comes from the place where you have faith. Wishes will come true when it is time; never lose hope because you are always one step away from what you have always wished for. Just one learning from that one step can change your world.


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