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Overcoming Depression is about small Victories !

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

How easy or how difficult it is for you?

For someone who is so called healthy and not suffering from any mental ailments also finds it difficult to see positive side of most of the things happening around.

Perceptions have to be challenged and beliefs have to be modified for any individual to realise and unfold that everything happens for good.

Asking depressed individual to focus on positivity is to ask a person to cross road blindfolded. One who suffers from depression need not to be taught to just see positivity but to fight stresses and negativity skillfully.

It is not about seeing positivity but it is about how to see and maintain it.

It is not about no stress but it is about coping with stress

It is not about stopping the negative thoughts but it is about how to cope with it

It is not about becoming success but it is about how to overcome failure

What are small victories and why are they so important

Depressed individual are troubled by their very own thoughts which reverberated in their mind making them incapable, doubtful, indecisive and listless.

Biggest mistake is asking them to bring change in their thinking.

“No one is capable to bring change in someone’s thinking, it is they who are only capable of”

One needs to help them to bring change in their behavior- positive experience from their actions can do nothing but can bring positive thoughts.

Making an individual so move and get up in morning is a victory as they feel so incapable to move.

Making an individual to eat food when hungry is a victory

Making an individual to go to bed on time is a victory

Making an individual to move out of house and helping him to take walk in nature is a victory

Making an individual to talk to a friend is a victory

Making an individual to pursue hobby of reading, painting, dancing or sports is a victory.

Do not give solutions to their problems- make them capable to find their own.

Every Plant knows how to grow, you need not to teach, you just need to water them and give enough sunlight.

Similarly every individual is capable of finding solutions and make decisions , what you need to do is make them capable again by promoting their behavior which can give them confidence and discover themselves again !


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