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What is Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? How Homoeopathy will help ?

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

ADHD homeopathy helps

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a genetic disorder in greater concordance with monozygotic twins than dizygotic twins. It is characterized by diminished ability to maintain attention, hyperactivity and impulsivity.

First degree biological relatives are more prone to develop ADHD and other psychiatric disorders like behavioural disorders, Anxiety disorders , depressive disorders etc. Study says boys are more prone to develop ADHD than girts, Ratio ranges from 2:1 to 9:1. Parents of children who suffer from ADHD are found to be suffering from hyperkinesis, conversion disorders and substance related disorders.

Causes of ADHD: Various gene studies, dopamine transport gene studies and neuroimaging studies have shown that aetiology of ADHD had complex interactions of neuroanatomical and neurochemical disruption. However no major structural anomalies are found in central nervous system of child suffering from ADHD. Other contributory factors of ADHD are prenatal exposure to toxic infections, prenatal mechanical insult, prematurity, or any insult causing damage to foetal nervous system. Food additives, colouring agents, preservatives etc also contributes to genesis of ADHD but no scientific evidence is found for same.

Genetic factors: Monozygotic twins are more prone to develop the disorder than dizygotic twins. Biological parents of children with disorder have higher possibility of ADHD and hyperkinesis. Children with ADHD are more prone to develop conduct disorder, anti – social personality disorder.

Developmental factors: Prenatal exposure to toxic infections may cause preponderance of developing ADHD.

Brain damage: Hypothesized brain damage may occur due to any physical trauma, metabolic or circulatory insult to brain during early infancy caused by any infection, inflammation or injury.

Neurochemical: Peripheral noradrenergic system plays a major role in ADHD. Damage to dopaminergic and adrenergic pathways also are responsible causes. Increase in dopamine transporter proteins that prevent the transfer of dopamine to the next cells. Concentration of these proteins is called dopamine transporter density (DTD). When the concentration of DTD is a high possibility of ADHD increases.

Psychosocial factors: Stressful events, traumatic experiences, disruption in family harmony, or any experience that causes deep effect on psyche may initiate ADHD.

Diagnosis of ADHD: There are 3 cardinal clinical presentation inattention, Hyperactivity and impulsivity.

Inattention: It is normal to have inattention for any individual but in ADHD inattention is so severe that it does not allow performing any task in continuity nor allow completing the task. Premature break off from the task and remains unfinished. They lose interest and gets diverted to another task. The Child is unable to copy from the board due to inability to concentrate, unable to have a complete conversation with anyone, unable to understand anything completely due to lack of attention. This lack of attention affects the functioning of the child in school, home and various area of life. This is not due to a problem in comprehension or defiance but the inability to remain focused.

Hyperactivity: Child is constantly moving from one place to another, cannot sit for long at a place in class, rush constantly, extremely restless, disorganized and fidgety. This phenomenon is constant and not occasional. This is an everyday story for them.

Impulsivity: There is impulsiveness in action. Regardless of consequences and outcome child performs activities. Their actions can be disturbing to others and even harmful to them and others but actions are impulse-driven.

To confirm diagnosis impairment should be before 7 years of age and it should affect the daily functioning of the child in two or more settings (school and home). The Clinical presentation should not occur during the course of Pervasive developmental disorder, psychotic disorders, mood disorder, anxiety disorder or any other mental disorder.

Treatment of ADHD with Homoeopathy

Since ADHD is a genetic disorder and has hereditary linkage it indicates the physical and mental makeup of child with heavy miasmatic load (hereditary inheritance) and strong predisposition to initiate the impairment with the slightest cause.

In homoeopathy detailed history is required from mother about her mental state during pregnancy, any infections or illness she had during pregnancy. Birth history of a child with milestones. Data is taken from parents about their observation of child. Data regarding intellectual, emotional and behavioural faculties are also taken from parents. Thus Homoeopath tries to understand the individuality of child and his illness. Among all children suffering from ADHD there lies different causes and different representations. Some child may have more problem with inattention and some may have more problem with hyperactivity. Thus homeopath tries to understand how ADHD of each child differs from other suffering from same. Thereafter he find most similar medicine for a particular child.

Better prognosis can be expected if treatment is started at early stages. After homoepathic medicine results are encouraging. Intensity of hyperactivity reduces, inattention reduces and impulsivity too reduces. This allows a child to make peace with his daily functioning. And if a child is on allopathic medicines than initially both mode of medications are continued and when improvement is seen in child, allopathic medicines are tapered with reference of treating allopathic physician.

Advantage of taking homeopathic treatment:

when child is on other drugs for treatment it is observed that as age advances the concentrations and dosage requirements increases to maintain and manage child. Sometimes there lies higher risk of developing other disorders like conduct disorder , anti social personality disorder etc. when child is given homoeopathic treatment – motto of homeopath is provide medicines which brings a child closer to normal functioning in school, home and work. Once improvements are seen in attention, hyperactivity and impulsivity , dosages of other drugs are reduced and homoeopathic doctors make sure that there never arises a situation that child will need increment in dosages. When child is on homoeopathic treatment chances of developing other disorders along with ADHD also reduces considerably as treatment will take care of vulnerability of child to develop other disorder which is possible in homoeopathy only and those medicines are known as Anti miasmatic medicines. Thus homoeopathic treatment will give relief, will retard progress of disease, will reduce other on going drugs and will not other metal disease to develop. This is called holistic management and which is unique feature of Homoepathy.

Dr Mansi Surati

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