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What to do when you are surrounded by people who pull legs?


There are different ways in which we have a room to respond:

  1. Humor – Amusing or comic response can be used.For example – when you have done a good job (at job or at work), you are appreciated by many but there are few who knowingly do not appreciate because of jealousy or an intention to trouble you. Suppose , Such people approach you and say it was good but could have been more better if you would have followed some other way- then rather than getting angry or upset, the answer should be if I will start doing everything perfect then the i will be genius !

  2. Ignoring – In same scenario if you do not find words – just finish the matter by saying thanks for guidance or simply okay and end the matter. After doing so get back to work without thinking of that person. It is same as walking on street and there are annoying noises of horns and vehicles but we ignore them totally and move ahead to reach where we want.It is said “Don’t let your inner peace be disturbed by someone from outside”.

  3. Silence – It is important for you to understand where you should invest your energy.  It is impossible to control the environment and hence it is advisable to control what we feel.

  4. Keep working – keep on giving your best – one has to become perseverant, whatever circumstances are- actions / work / duty should never stop. Try to do best and maintain consistency. Let your Action speak louder than your words. This is best possible answer. Isn’t it?

  5. Do not entertain – Many times intention is just to stimulate or instigate and thereby to enjoy the “Drama” that arises, so stop being actor of drama! Never get trapped in conversation by responding to stupid comments or questions. It is said “Less said, the better”. Walk off or do not mutter a work, it will work definitely.


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