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Clinical Depression And Its Homeopathic Remedies.

Updated: Mar 23, 2020


Any unexpected event or incidence can produce stress. Each individual have different coping style. Individuals who cope with stress by withdrawing oneself from functioning in family, society and work are more prone to get depressed.

Depression is mainly classified as endogenous depression, reactive depression and psychotic depression.

Endogenous depression is biological which usually occurs due to internal factor (biological/cognitive). There is minimal role of external or environmental factors.

Reactive depression usually occurs in response to external factors/ environmental factors. Any unpleasant event in person’s life may cause reactive depression. In this type of depression cause is usually external.

Psychotic depression is diagnosed when there is appearance of psychotic symptoms in depressive episode. It is also known as depressive psychosis. Psychotic symptoms like delusions or hallucinations appear along with depression.

If you have following disturbances than you may need clinical help:

  1. Depressed mood for most of the days like feeling sad, hopeless or empty. Reported by self or others

  2. Significant lack of interest for most of the days

  3. Significant weight loss (when not dieting) or weight gain .

  4. Lack of sleep or excessive sleep

  5. Psychomotor agitation or retardation almost every day

  6. Loss of energy or fatigue almost everyday

  7. Worthlessness or in appropriate guilt almost every day

  8. Diminished ability to think/concentrate, lack of decisiveness for most of the days

  9. Suicidal ideation/suicide attempt / thoughts of committing suicide

  10. Significant impairment in daily functioning in different areas of life- occupational, social or personal

  11. Symptoms are not caused due to any other illness and without influence of any medicinal substance.

  12. These symptoms are not appearing due to any other psychiatric illness.

Note: For diagnostic criteria refer ICD(International classification of disease) 10 / DSM(Diagnostic and statistical Manual) 4 or 5

Depending upon duration of illness and associated manic and hypomanic features it is further classified in various categories.

Homeopathic remedies for Depression:

In reactive depression usually cause is readily available and depending on causation we can select the remedy. When it is endogenous depression, deep acting constitutional remedy should be administered. Depression is response of an individual to deal with stressful event or phase. Depression is manner of adaptation of an individual which is faulty. In order to improve the adaptation pattern and mature coping style , constitutional remedy is required.

Arum Metallicum – Depressive and melancholic mood. Brooding melancholy, alternating with irritability. Suicidal disposition .Melancholy; imagines he is not fitted for the world, he therefore longs for death, of which he thinks with the most intense delight.” Praying in profound depression. Oversensitive to contradiction. Disposed to get offended and slightest of things causes resentment. Strong feeling of worthlessness and self reproach with self criticism. It is usually a remedy for Major depression.

Natrum Muriaticum – Easily gets hurt and fear of being rejected. Intense Grief and brooding over past unpleasant experiences. Desire for solitude. Patient cannot remove thoughts of hurt caused to self or others so much that he enjoy nothing in life. In his thought constantly recalls former disagreeable occurrences, so as to worry himself by thinking about them. Natrum muriaticum hoards his memories of injury and self-condemnation, periodically retrieving them for re-examination. Consolation aggravates. It is very helpful for persons who are suffering since some major disappointments in life, disrupted relationships, after a loss of loved ones etc.

Ignatia Amara– Depression from anger, silent grief , disappointment. Contradicting and alternating states. Disappointment excites inner sensitiveness but tries to keep it in. Consolation aggravates. Involuntary sighing. Incredible changeableness of disposition, at one time he jokes and jests, at another he is lachrymose. Emotional outbursts very quickly controlled: only tears in eyes, short sobs, sighing, constant swallowing, twitching around mouth, bites inside of cheek, etc.

Sepia– Marked indifferent behavior along with symptoms of depression. The indifference is more towards family members/ friends and towards life. Averse to do any work. Lack interest in any activities or entertainment which they were previously fond off. Desire solitude and often are found sitting quietly in loneliness. Extreme irritability with intense sadness, gloominess is also present. Sepia also stands for post partum depression / depression after childbirth.

Kali phos– Depression with excessive weakness and sleeplessness. Weakness of memory is very profound in kali phos . Disinclined to talk. Stress of talking to people, esp. to several at once. Desire for solitude. Mental and physical prostration. Depraved feelings: aversion to own family. Very depressed at night and irresolute.

Staphysagria – Depression occurring after loss of dignity and suppressed emotions. Great aversion for authority. Very sensitive to rudeness of others. Usually drop out of society and refuse to follow any social norms. Fear of losing self control.

Note- Take medicine after consulting homeopathic physician.

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