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Want to make best of time available to you?

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

A lot has been written and talked about “time management”. Outcome of what has been talked a lot is not as sufficient as it should be. Basics of anything to let it happen is “Attitude” towards anything. “I can do it”.  Belief in oneself is needed to accomplish desires. Similarly for better time management what one needs to harbor is the positive outlook. Doubting any task before even starting it, kills the passion. So very first step for efficient time management is “being passionate” about tasks and work, its the foundation of management skills.

key features of Time Management:

  1. Set your goal: It can be a task/work or anything that you want to achieve. It can also be cultivating new habit in daily life or new learning. There should be clarity about what you want to achieve. In other words it is to be aware about target.

  2. Time limit: Decide the time limit in which you need to complete task or achieve something. Deciding time limit is most crucial factor. Time is the only deciding factor which can keep you on track towards achieving goal. Time frame gives an idea about the strategies needed to accomplish task.

  3. Decide your commitments: while you want to achieve something, there is always some unavoidable duties and responsibilities. Those commitments have to be taken care of. One needs to spare time for that too. As when they remain unfulfilled, they have potential to become blocks in achieving goals.

  4. Find best time suitable for work: Everyone has different time frame in which they can work with optimum level of abilities. It can be in morning, evening, night, alone, in cafe; in library etc. one needs to find his own chunk. And one should try to do maximum amount of work in that time frame when one is fully charged. During this time, level of concentration is highest, so most difficult tasks can be taken up in this time frame.

  5. Set Priorities: Setting priorities is key factor. It helps to decide which work has to be taken up when. Setting priorities can bring smoothness in journey. Priorities can sort out many anticipated problems. Otherwise one encounters many issues without setting priorities which eventually turns out to be blocks in achievements.

  6. Be organized: Most of the people are not overloaded but under organized. Organization can play a major role in saving time. When stuffs are organized well, it reduced efforts to great extent. Organization to start with can be difficult but once started, its benefits turn in to habit.

  7. Take breaks: while accomplishing any tasks, one always needs a break time or time to get refreshed. That gives a kind of vigour to move ahead with high spirit. But beware that breaks should not become distraction.

  8. Reward yourself: when a set of work is accomplished, reward yourself with a positive feedback. That is cultivating habit of self encouragement.

  9. Analyze your work: It can help you to find your own faults and flaws. Which you can always improve in ahead. Once a task done, always have something to learn about you. And that learning should always get replicated in work ahead.

  10. Improvisation in plan: Whatever experience it has been, it has to get reflected in upcoming plan or strategy.

Time Management is a skill which one has to cultivate, just like any other  skills- sports or arts.

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