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Why should You Consult Homeopathic Psychiatrist ?


Visiting and psychiatrist is considered Taboo. Inspite of a having knowledge and insight about  need to seek help from mental health professional, it is avoided. Choice is made to keep suffering behind the doors. What if someone comes to know and what will they think,” why am I visiting a psychiatrist?”

Seeking help for mental sufferings should be taken as simple as visiting physician for any other physical pains. When we say health it inherently includes mental and physical both. One cannot achieve balance without balance of Mind and body.

Homeoapthic Psychiatrist is a best therapeutic help one can seek as homeopath looks after every minute details of physical and mental health and their interconnection.

Homeopathic Psychiatrist gives medicine those are NOT habit-forming medication nor they have sedative effects.

They do not give sleeping pills or a medicine which slow down activity of the individual. After a significant improvement medicines are tapered and stopped when not needed.

Homeopathic psychiatrist would work meticulously and inquire about how your mental suffering begun and thereby prescribe the best suited homeopathic medicine to help you attain balance.

Homeopathic psychiatrist prescribe medicine which help to improve adaptation skills.

Homeopathic psychiatrist not only gives medicines but also listen to your sufferings and facilitates conflict resolutions by providing solutions achieved mutually through patient- physician therapeutic relationship.

Mostly there is a mind-body co-relation for any disease a person suffers from.

For Example: Commonly prevailing disease are due to stressful life style. Hypertension, Migraine, Diabetes Mallitus, cardiovascular diseases, Hyper-acidity, Ulcerative colitis, some skin diseases like Eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis etc. All can be treated efficiently with homeopathic medicines and making you aware about techniques to deal with stress.

All mental diseases like Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Mood disorders, Phobias, schizophrenia etc can be treated without any habit forming drugs.

Homeopathic psychiatrist are most popular for helping children with ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disability, Slow learners, Mental Retardation etc.

For any such consultation and further enquiry on the subject contact:

Dr Mansi Surati

MD HOM (Psychiatry)

Certified Cognitive Behavior Therapist (USA)



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